Terms and Definitions

FURTHER EXPLANATION of various ReUnion  terms or definitions that may be helpful as you process your ReUnion Session.  

A term used in every ReUnion session:  FORCE(S):  An altered and stored energy pattern engraved on one's core energies that forces oneself or a collective to be, do or behave in a certain way that is not of one's conscious choosing.  Forces are gravitational in that they pull consciousness towards them.  With forces clinging to us, we tend towards being coerced and pushed around by forces that exist within the very fiber of our being (forces with which we have dressed ourselves in order to exist in this amazing universe.)  In Jewish mysticism the forces are called "the opponent".  In a ReUnion session, the forces are the component tendencies of an inner paradigm (model of reality) passed on to one by an ancestor, other life, other being, collective and then gently prodded away by the faciitations.




Affinity Net – The 108 TimeISelfs that are the co-existing iterations of the ISelf.  Each member of an affinity net inhabits their own ancestral roots and their own streams of ancestral forces in each life form they cycle into the material universe, but there is a basic love between each TimeISelf and the other TimeISelfs that composes its affinity net, this connection being the loving awareness of being one (the ISelf).


Awakened Being: A TimeISelf, that has realized its Mission of unconditional love as expressed through a sacred attribute, drops its force arrays and passes through the Membrane around the dream of existence to join with its ISelf.  Such a being is an awakened being.  It is one who loves  all life unconditionally.



CODES  have three parts.  When you have a CODE in your session, the first thing is to determine the general nature of the code by going to the CODE file.  This helps us to understand the collection of forces that  make up the code's story (gotos) and how it applies to the individual.  The second part determines the event or circumstances that created this code (Crisis Outer)   The third part determines the inner crisis state  (Crisis Inner) resulting from forces at play in the code story. Trauma CODES themselves are vivid interference patterns seeded into the life energy that flows through our central core, and expresses themselves by emanating outwards through the chakras along this central core.  As with all major force patterns trauma codes are best healed by our empathic understanding of their source, structure and impact.

  CODES - Should a trauma or harshly disturbing experience occur, the ISelf  (the higher self or soul) will reject the trauma by ‘spraying’ the inner with forces and establishing a reactive pattern of behavior .   This patterned reaction imprints itself from that point on, within our inner and outer natures. This engraved ‘coding’ lurks within us.  It colors our life with a background stress that can compound into further distress, anxiety and illness for our heirs and ourselves.  

 Crisis Outer - A crisis of existence shocks the inner into reorganizing itself along ‘fault lines’ (memories of wounds) created by such a crisis.  This force pattern resonates or ‘comes alive’ when we are going through a similar crisis in our present life. 

 Crisis Inner -  Inner traumatization and re-patterning that occurs in and from an outer crisis. Crisis Inner refers to an inner bruising that patterns our inner into a repeating crisis mode that daunts our life thereafter.  Crisis Inner tends to show the force pattern that has attached itself to this outer crisis tracing for a person.  

 Second Level Trauma Codes - Trauma Codes found in  Dimension 8 (Great Yin/Yang) and Dimension 9 (Diamond Heart) which directly activate implants through the pain of their trauma.

Signals for a trauma code can included: being easily distracted or muddled, not being able to 'think straight' in  a given area; inward anger, tightness and anxiousness; feelings of unworthiness or depression.


COLLECTIVE PROGRESSION (CP) – The Collective Progressions represent cosmological collectives of collectives that define the four vessels of our existence …our many inherited life forms in the physical universe, ourselves as a TimeISelf (referred to culturally a our ‘souls’) in this universe and our broader selves as ISelfs (duplicates of the OneSelf’s total love) and finally as the collective of OneSelfs creating all universe.   By clearing away our own entrapping conceptual limitations on these four vessels, we are released back to our true nature as causative creators.


 COLLECTIVE RESONANCE FIELDS (CRF) – A collective is any group of beings, incarnate or discarnate which share a mutual inner neediness, purpose or ambition, have the same ability, have common outlook, come from common roots or shared history, undergo common traumatic experiences, or share other common states of being. 

However, a collective can also generate a binding entrapment should the common inner experience be a part of an active implant held mutually by the members of the collective. This binding energy can act as an overriding negative influence on each member of the collective, referred to here as the Collective Resonance Field (CRF).   Thus, CRFs require an active mutual implant to form the resonating field by which each being in the collective can be influenced and subtly overridden.  By releasing our collectives from their mutual Implant resonance, each being within those collectives becomes bonded by love instead of force and free is to ascend to the selves that we are beyond this material universe.  NOTE: Signals for heavily imposing CRFs include foul odors, nagging irritability belittlement of oneself or others, loss of balance or physical deterioration pest infestations, things breaking.  Psychotropic or pharmaceutical drugs often magnify CRF impingement


ID Archetype  discloses the subtle ‘framing wires’ for the TimeISelf’s insertion of identities in the material world.  Ancestral another life programming and the fury of their forces fill the field and the flesh, but are all held together in ‘body form ’ by these basic ‘framing wires’…  Each archetype points towards the TimeISelf’s choice of a ‘piece for the game’ and can be internally perceived a one’s sense of ‘destiny’.  Once dreamed by the TimISelf, the purity of these 32 ‘destiny’ archetypes is then dressed in the power of collective, ancestral and other life forces and the resulting multitier field is unfolded into the material world as the human before you.  Release of the forces in the human eventually allows the archetype ‘room’ to come forward and present itself as the human’s greater reality.   This file alerts one to an ‘aching’ inner archetype within one that is struggling to overcome the forces built upon it.


ISelf - Commonly called the higher self or the soul, this is the presence of self as the dreamer of 108 TimeISelfs, which, in turn, witness the unfolding sensation of existence through material identities.  The ISelf is the spaciousness ‘outside’ one’s whole material existence - a duplicate iteration of this universe’s OneSelf relaying the totality of love through the prism of the ISelf Recognition levels to each wavelength’s TimeISelf and thus into this material universe.  The ISelf relays divine information and absorbs material form information in return.




IMPLANTS are very old "rules' agreed upon between ISelfs  (the higher selfs or souls).  They are command trances that are designed to preserve the game that is this material universe.   They are barriers, which we agreed would hold us in the game of materiality until we have accomplished our goal -  the fulfillment of our Mission of Love: loving all beings, visible and invisible, without condition.  Implants act as 'trip wires', turning us back from prematurely ending our participation in the  game of materiality . An implant is activated and surges into one's personal universe when one experiences a revelation.  The  transformative change of state (epiphany) begins to move one beyond the impact of the material universe.  When such an epiphany threats to bring premature freedom from the game, the trance command of the activated implant begins to reassert is hold over the individual and their lineage  - drawing them back into this mutual, force-filled dream and its rules.

By the mutual agreement and the unconditional love of free beings , implants are commands inserted into the physical universe in order to enable each being entering this universe to fully experience the full spectrum of its reality and to prompt each being’s journey back out towards the divine.

When IMPLANT comes up in a session, it is the root force of the session - the magnet by which the tendencies dealt with in the session are attached to one’s inner self.  Implants permeate us with background trances (see Implant Trance) made up of our self-generated limitations.  In running the Implant procedure, we can realize our release from these limitations through the epiphany of unconditional love that is on the other side of each implant (see Implant Breakout) . 

Implants are passed down our lineage as ‘flinch images’ imprinted on our DNA (see Implant Facilitation Image). 

 Implant Trance - Implant trance describes an underlying hypnotic barrier associated with an implant that accelerates us from the bliss of our true state where all miracles occur towards the 'ordinariness' of agreed upon and endlessly repeating material existence.  In falling prey to a surging implant, we and the seeding source become wrapped by this dark trance space that enforces receptivity to the forces trailing off the implant. This file describes the 'stuff' of these implant trances, the feeling glue that sticks the implant to the forces within us and our lineage.

Implant Facilitation Image - Implant Facilitation Image concerns a self replicating 'flinch image’ that acts as sensual analogy for the Implant contained within the vessel (body and field) and which needs to be dissolved to restore one's inner lightness, fluidity and power to rise beyond the Implant.

 Implant Breakout Epiphany - A Breakout epiphany is a spiritual 'peak experience', an awakening to the divine’s love in a burst of freedom or sudden beauty.  Breakout is an expression of the grandeur and vast capabilities of the soul.  Each breakout is the epiphany of an ultimate truth, a glimpse of the divine that touches our life with a reality that transcends material existence - but one that is guarded by an agreed on limitation (Implant) for this universe game.

Signal for 'activated' implants are:  guilt, numbness, weakness and failure at the emotional level; cruelty,  uncaring and untruth at the moral level;  trapped in the game of victims and villains at the societal level;  criminality,  poverty and war at the political level;  illness, irritation and discontinuation at the body level;  electrical and magnetic disturbances at the environmental level.


MEMBRANE  refers to an event horizon, embedded by the implants, which surrounds the overall dream of this universe being generated by the beings within it. This membrane ‘holds the dream together” by trapping the force trails of the implants that are keeping each being in the dream and halting their processing.   Without the membrane barrier calling in the limits of human experience, the physical universe dream would process out and ‘disappear’. The purpose this file is to untangle the forces stalled within this membrane so that the implants can be more completely processed and entrapment in the material dream causatively transcended.  Ultimately, the Membrane is a barrier within all of us between the dream of touch materiality and the awakened state of unlimited, unconditional love.  When the Membrane is causatively and completely transcended, one is awake.


Mission - We, as human or animal, are companions in this game of life, free beings caught playfully in the forces that construct our physical universe. But in our divine nature we hold a purpose for this game that expresses the release from these forces, unlimiting our vision and bringing closure to our participation in this game. This purpose is nothing less than loving all our companions and ourselves in this universe, entirely and unconditionally. This Mission of loving without needing a reason is expressed through the thankful and delighted heart’s divinely inspired service to others and enactment of unconditional gratitude for all beings, visible and invisible. By creating our reality as response to this Grace within us, we make of our existence a lively mirror of the divine’s glory. Turning all that we possess, our talents, our actions, into channels for this universal love is the true business of our lives.


OneSelf – God, source of all existence, the divine mystery’s presence, that which is birthing ISelf, the Great Provider, love itself, the recognition of that which is beyond what we are conscious of within ourselves..

Pre-body - The energy vessel for a TimeISelf who is not owning a physical universe reality body in time. This is one’s existence as a Time ISelf beyond the physical body in the transition space, and consists of the core flow bandwidths (chakras) and the resulting field, which in itself contains all the memories of its existence. The pre-body exists with its affinity net in the transitional space between the physical universe of one-event-at-a-time and the infinite field of no time and all possibilities, moving in and out of embodiment as the owner of non-physical and physical bodies until a critical mass of 108 members of its affinity net awaken to unconditional love in the physical universe as expressed through the sacred attributes. At this point the transition space folds back into the ISelf. Note: These pre-bodies are invisible to the physical body’s eyes, but for facilitation awareness, they can be imagined as translucent egg shapes with glows within them.


Scripts refers to  repeating story lines that we find ourselves repetitively playing out at various times in our lives.  It has been discovered that Scripts  serves as a unique tool to contact our lives as other body forms existing deep in the full spectrum of time and space and which have been concealed from us till now by ‘protective’ electronic barriers established around our paradigms for how or what reality is.  The repeating enactment of particular story lines are established as a result of the broken spirit in the client in an other life (as an individual, or as part of a group) when they are punished for something they did not do, or are persecuted for being what they are not.  By understanding and resolving the nature of these repeating dramas, and at the same time expanding our perceptions to a more spacious paradigm for our existence Scripts helps us regain a greater dimensionality to our existence.


TimeISelf: When the ISelf dreams a universe, it first creates perception (time) and then expresses the sacred attributes of love that are within it by birthing 108 different TimeISelfs, each of which is carrying the Mission of expressing a particular sacred attribute by cycling material bodies in the flow of time.  Each TimeISelf cycles bodies in and out of time until the particular attribute the TimeISelf carries becomes its unconditional condition within the physical universe (Mission accomplished).  At this point they are ‘awakened beings’ (TimeISelfs freed from retuning to physical bodies).  When all 108 TimeISelfs (one’s affinity net) have completed their Missions, their unconditional love attribute reintegrates them back into the original ISelf, each reuniting with the other 107 affinity net TimeISelfs and their attributes, as total love for each other.   This total love meld is the affinity net’s original ISelf.