WHY NOTICE WHAT IS DIFFERENT AFTER YOUR SESSION?  We are capable of receiving vast quantities of information from the Infinite Mind.   Our brain functions as a gate keeper of this information, deciding what to allow the neuro-response system to receive and what to withhold.  Thousands of years of training has taught the brain to filter and censor what it considers to be ‘acceptable’ information for our nervous system.  Think of a ReUnion session as putting a hole in that filter.  You are now being offered an opportunity to actually make decisions about what you’d like to be aware of,   including those things your brain has deemed:  unnecessary/ not ‘real’/ too much to handle. 

By consciously noticing what’s different, you are telling your brain, “I want access to more of my Infinite Mind’s awareness".

Noticing what’s different means that you notice WHAT you notice.   You do not pass judgment on what you’re noticing (even if it’s an ache or difficult behavior from someone).  You simply register:  I’m noticing my arm is sore…. I’m noticing that the people I’m meeting today all seem short tempered.  I’m noticing I woke up rested…. I’m noticing how helpful every one is  today.

Do not connect what you’re noticing to your past history:  I woke up rested…must have been the herbal tea I drank before going to bed...Everyone is so helpful today, must be the weather.  SIMPLY NOTICE you woke up rested – people are helpful.

Long term affects of noticing:

1  You will expand your awareness by training your brain to allow certain data that had previously been censored.

2  You will expand your own body intelligence.   Your body ‘knows’ what it needs to be healthy, contented, useful.  Most of the time, we let the brain tell us what it is trained to think the body needs (I need a cup of coffee  -now- intravenously).   Where as the body may be saying, it needs downtime in order to balance the changing energies.  Body signals can go unnoticed because  we're not noticing what's different.

3  You will be letting the universe know you are willing and able to handle experiences beyond  the brain’s five sense paradigm (hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling)…..and if you’re really brave, even beyond the “rational  thought”  paradigm.

Visually, notice what you notice looks like a 'connect-the-dots' picture.  When you notice something (without judgment or history) you are capturing a 'dot' of light and information in a here and now moment.  You’re not doing anything with it, just putting a dot on an imaginary blank page in time and space.  As you collect these ‘dots’ in different times and places they could look meaningless and random.  It isn’t that you actually ‘look’ at them, it's that  the part of you which set the intention to ‘notice what’s different ' is keeping track of each 'dot'.   Eventually, you will notice something (again without judgment or history) and a part of you will see a pattern…connecting dots from other moments of your noticing …creating a continuity of awareness that can be identified as your expanded awareness.

It is actually quite fun.  It can have a pinball effect. That is, the dots start to connect and lights flash on in your energy field as you literally see what has always been available to you, but indiscernible, until now, due to the brain’s censoring mechanism.