Reunion Questions & Answers

Is ReUnion hard?

No it’s not hard. You do not have to do anything other than relax and be open. There is no pre-work or home-work. ReUnion is effortless, harmless and expanding.

What can I expect from a ReUnion session?

You can expect change. ReUnion is a dynamic story telling process that is designed by your inner for your current life. ReUnion is best experienced vs. intellectualized.

Where can ReUnion be done?

ReUnion sessions are done remotely through email.
Upon request, skype or phone sessions are possible ($145.00).

ReUnion is not…

  • A therapy

  • A psychic reading

  • A counseling session

  • Psychoanalysis

  • An intellectual test

  • Reiki

How much does a ReUnion session cost?

A ReUnion session costs $125.00 for remote session  (skype or phone sessions on request $145.00).  Students, starving artists, and those on a fixed income may contact me.

What are ReUnion Best Practices?

  • Consider thoughtfully what it is you would like your session to do for you. State your "Wants Handled" as clearly and simply as possible. The more precise your request, the more explicit your session will be.

  • After receiving your session, read it over carefully several times during the processing period and start to notice what is different in your life.


Spiritual Resourcing Questions & Answers

What can I expect from Spiritual Resourcing?

You can expect to look at yourself deeply. You may develop a language that allows you to understand how your inner speaks to you. There will likely be homework that supports your spiritual practice. You can expect to get clearer on your purpose.

How long does a Spiritual Resourcing session take?

The timing of Spiritual Resourcing will depend on the individual client.

Where can Spiritual Resourcing  be done?

A Spiritual Resourcing session may be conducted over the phone, via Skype, or remotely through email.

Spiritual Resourcing is not…

  • ReUnion

  • Counseling

  • Advice giving

  • Diagnostic or prescribing

How much does a Spiritual Resourcing cost?

A Spiritual Resourcing session is $95 /hour: coaching, resourcing and instructional design. Students, starving artists, and those on a fixed income may contact me.

What are Spiritual Resourcing Best Practices?

  • For Skype and phone Resourcing sessions find a quiet, comfortable and private place where you will feel free from interruption.

  • For Skype, set up and test your computer at least 5 minutes before a Resourcing session.

  • Prepare a descriptive statement(s) of what you would like to get out of your Resourcing session, i.e. enhance clarity, develop language, explore alternative paths, etc.

  • Many people find it helpful to take notes on key words and references during their session.

  • Be prepared for the paradoxical nature of Spiritual Resourcing – that is – know that you already know the answers , yet you’re not accessing them at this moment.