About the ReUnion Process and its Creator:


 When asked what ReUnion is and what one may expect from a session, my first reaction is to say it’s easier for you to have a session;  after which, you will be able to answer your own questions.  In the spirit of being supportive, I offer the following.

I experience ReUnion as an amalgamation of prayer, imaginings, intention, quantum physics and a willingness to surrender to the highest sense of divinity one has.

It is a brilliant process that invites your inner to talk to you – revealing the story behind patterns that covertly corrupt the hopes, choices and dreams you hold for yourself.   The patterns are exposed, along with their origins (ancestor, other life, etc.).   The events, blocks and scars that have created the patterns are lovingly released through appropriately designed facilitations.  

What does this do for you?  It allows the inherent clarity and lightness of your being to express more of itself; showing up in an infinity of ways i.e. as clearer perception, finer choice making, synchronicity, self worth, better health or the perfect doctor/medication, harmonious relationships, satisfying creative expression etc.

It isn’t a magic potion; it is a process that can open the door for you to live a more empowered existence.


The ReUnion Process was created by and is continually transforming through Peter Scupham (  Peter is a lover of material existence,;a collector of the unusual, the helpful, and the out-of-the-box possibilities available to humanity.  He was exploring areas of kinesiology when it was more esoteric than scientific. He studied herbal remedies and therapies with hermits who preferred nature to human companionship, and was using the computer as a discovery tool before the name Internet was even thought of.

 Peter has  and continues to work with thousands of people, documenting his findings along the way.  From his curiosity and brilliance the ReUnion Process was conceived.  When I was first introduced to Reunion,  my husband and I lived in Atlanta Georgia where Peter Scupham was (and is still) seeing and helping clients through his evolving yet unconventional method.   At this time, the focus was mainly genetic or inherited patterns - those strong connections that bind us to our ancestors and their stories of unfinished evolution. 

 Over time, ReUnion has expanded to include not only ancestral but also our relationships to other lives, other beings, collectives and the multidimensional possibilities we all exist in.

ReUnion is an organic process, growing in inclusiveness as it expands each individual’s inner spaciousness and freedom.  



The ReUnion Paradigm:  ‘In the beginning is ‘the Mystery – the Mother, the Seed of all, the Void…

The Mystery gives birth to the OneSelf – awareness as Love, the Father, the God of the universe.

OneSelf emanates 108 sacred attributes of Love to create an ISelf –self awareness as love, the master paradigm.

The ISelf births a TimeISelf from each of the sacred attributes of Love  - self awareness as a sacred attribute of love in Time.

The TimeISelf collects to itself the paradigms (forces) that limit the Master Paradigm formed from each body from which it has occupied – the mindfield.

The TimeISelf and its mindfield rides into the physical universe to occupy a body form – self aswareness as a sacred attribute of Love through a body form’s sensations in time plus the TimeISelf’s limiting paradigms.

This incarnated Self, carrying the TimeISelf’s limiting paradigms, collects further limiting paradigms inherited from the body form’s ancestors, paradigms projected by other body forms as well as self creating paradigms of its own.

The ReUnion paradigm is what is being expressed in the ISELF RECOGNITION levels.