A Musing on Purpose and Inner Peace

The need to control the weather, dam the rivers, or win the space race to a distant planet can feel like a endless task. Is this really why we’re here? Perhaps our purpose is less daunting; perhaps there isn’t a purpose outside of ourselves. What if we correlated our bodies, minds and spirit with the divine cosmic of life?  Then, would each individual unique soul add its interpretation to the infinite possibility existing for us all? Perhaps purpose is about standing still and bringing the pulses of our being and the beating of our hearts into synch with the rhythm and heartbeat of the cosmos. Would that not be purpose enough?  

In the same vein, perhaps inner peace is not meant to be sought but recognized as being here, waiting for us - though not through deep introspection, constant activity,  psychoanalysis or science. Perhaps inner peace comes naturally, arriving like the morning sun – quietly, effortlessly, unstoppable. Maybe we become our own peace simply by listening to the in-breaths and out-breaths of our cosmos and then breathing in tandem