...graceful shifting

Those who are supporting and bring in new paradigms for graceful shifts on the planet, may be feeling the chaotic energy-front created by the massive earthquake in Nepal. Fortunately, within the throes of destruction,a more Grace-filled model of existence is being built and implemented.   Many of you are the architects of these new paradigms.  Some of you may be experiencing waves of confusion, uncertainty or feeling out-of-step with yourself.   If so, these feelings may not be yours personally, but rathe a call for your conscious awareness and inner dynamic presence in the world to provide stability for the groups of beings leaving en mass, as well as those in the ‘pain and suffering’ paradigm. 

In yesterday morning's meditation I was led to consciously recognize and honor the divine uprightness, inner authority and expanded awareness inherent in chaos and then to connect with the power of Planet Earth to lovingly evolve Itself and those who have committed to participate in this period of transmutation.   This suggestion was unusual because it clearly didn’t ask to “send light” to this troubled region; rather, it was a request to stand quietly and humbly, to be confidently aware of my own awakening and hold that vibration.

The impression I got was that there are many sending light, love, and positive energy to Nepal – which is indeed helpful.   Simultaneously there are a number of beings ready to exercise their inner expansiveness and divinely appointed power in a different way - that of being a conduit for divine intervention, being as a form of  doing.   During the disruption inherent in the transformational process, actions are of course needed.  Yet those actions can be enhanced even miracle producing, with the support from those holding a conscious wakeful space, being totally present for no other purpose than to be a point of awareness .  Such a stance is transformative for self and for all of life. It can be helpful to remember that we do not have to tell an omnipresent, omniscient universe what is needed here; we simply present an open consciousness, a doorway, for that energy to express itself as perfection in this material condition/situation. 

It feels like it is time to redirect our attention from being ‘helpful’ to being full of our divinity - to be divinely Self-full – to make our action an act of recognition.  We recognize that if we can hope for, ask for , strive for becoming an awakened, enlightened being… we are already that because it exists in consciousness and consciousness is what we are.  Now we have an opportunity to practice mastering our physical-spiritual experience as a spiritual self.