things to remember during transformational periods 

It IS Possible
Live in possibilities by: being in the present, the now moment; asking yourself questions that expand your point of view; not censoring your dreams, hopes and wishes; seeing how you have grown and embracing the spaciousness attained while letting go of what needs to be release.

Definitely Maybe 
Consciousness is constantly remembering Itself  - consider truth as a sliding scale.  What appears as true today, may appear differently tomorrow without invalidating yesterday’s truth.

See Your Tailor 
Take good care of yourself with periodic Earthsuit maintenance - check and repair for maximum play-ability.  You are issued this one Earthsuit – make it last.

Take to the Sky
When in doubt ask yourself …”What is the highest viewpoint I can take regarding this situation?”  The highest view will support your spiritual growth, your sense of freedom, as well as infinite possibilities AND it will be inclusive.

Know What?  
Know that you know, nothing is hidden from you (adjust your focus).  Your spiritual odyssey is a journey of awareness not interpretation.  Knowing that know… accepting that you may not know what it is that you know…is  what creates your experience and the journey.  Once you remember all that you know, there will be no need for a journey.

Catch the Big Wave 
Notice when the planet is getting a heavenly B12 shot.  It feels like an electrical energy surge that may go on for hours, sometimes days.  Look for that energy and ride the wave. You will accomplish more and connect effortlessly with higher and finer frequencies.

Choose to Choose
No matter what is happening in your life exercise your divine right to choose (free will).  You always have the choice as to how you feel, how you think and what stance you take.  No matter how hopeless or helpless things may appear – even if things appear to be out of control – nothing can control where you choose to put your love,  your thoughts and your viewpoint.